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Buy KandyPens PRISM Online

Nice dense trichome covered nuggets with shades of purple throughout. Order Weed OnlineNice and grapey with hints of musty berries or fruit. Kush For Sale OnlineGreat mix of cerebral and body. Marijuana Online ShopIt is definitely an all day smoke. Buy Cannabis OnlineAppetite stimulant, pain relief, anxiety, nausea, mood enhancer

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Buy KandyPens PRISM Online

The KandyPens PRISM+ atomizers are a mixed bag. Buy KandyPens PRISM Online, Like the regular Prism, it includes two standard atomizers: a quartz double-coil, and a coil-less ceramic plate atomizer. Buy KandyPens PRISM With Discount, The coil-less ceramic atomizer takes advantage of the larger width of the KandyPens PRISM+ by having a bigger 10mm ceramic cup. Order KandyPens PRISM Online, There also seems to be a 7 or 8mm wide ceramic plate (it’s difficult to measure exact width from above the atomizer). KandyPens PRISM For Sale Online, The new, larger size of the ceramic cup allows users to load and vape more concentrate. Buy KandyPens PRISM Near Me, On the other hand, the increased size also means much more heat is produced. See below for heat warning.

Quartz Double-Coil

KandyPens PRISM+ quartz double-coil atomizer uses a ceramic cup around the quartz rods. Therefore, it’s not a high-grade quartz atomizer. Legal KandyPens PRISM For Sale Online, The coil they use is the same good quality alloy from the Prism, similar to the Rokin Nit and the Vapir pen. Discreet KandyPens PRISM For Sale Online, It does appear to have welded marks on the coil. It’s unclear if this is solder or not. How to buy KandyPens PRISM Online, The KandyPens PRISM+ quartz double coiled atomizer basically wastes the width of the vape pen. By using the same 8mm cup, you end up with the same space as the smaller Prism atomizer. Where to buy KandyPens PRISM Online, This is a wasted opportunity for what could have been a great new coiled atomizer that allowed room for bigger dabs.

PRISM+ Includes:

  • 2 x glass mouthpiece
  • Micro USB cable
  • Protective Pouch
  • Nifty Keychain scoop tool

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  1. Jason stamp

    I was scared when I was placing this orders, but it finally came through. Thanks guys

    Jason stamp

  2. Debra Clarkson Creghed

    They delayed with my stuff for 3 days. Finally got it but seems like the battery is dead

    Debra Clarkson Creghed

  3. Nicole Smith

    Just got my own thanks Jason for given me the go ahead as I was scared lol

    Nicole Smith