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Chocolope’s buds are elongated in shape. Weed For Sale Online, In fact, it looks more cylindrical compared to other buds. Online Kush Shop, It is light green in color with light orange hairs weaving through it. Order Marijuana Online, Chocolope has dark green leaves with brassy orange pistils.



Buy Chocolope Strain Online

Brief History: Chocolope was created by DNA Genetics to pay homage to the widely popular 1980s Chocolate strains. Buy Chocolope Strain Online, They crossed Sativa-dominant Chocolate Thai with Sativa-dominant Cannalope Haze. Chocolope Strain For Sale Online, Their offspring is what we now know and love – Chocolope. By creating this particular strain, the breeders of Chocolope were able to more than just honor the Chocolate strains. Order Chocolope Strain Online, They were also able to create a unique strain that boasts of an unusual blending of aromas and flavors. Online Chocolope Strain Shop, Chocolope’s uniqueness catapulted it into popularity that it was even named Strain of the Year in 2007 by High Times. Buy Chocolope Strain with Discount, It has also won awards from High Life Cup as well as High Times Cannabis Cup.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile: Chocolope has a moderately high THC content of about 18% to 21%. Cannabinoid profile also contains 0.2% CBD and 0.5% CBG. As for its terpene profile, Chocolope has a high level of limonene, linalool, pinene, and myrcene. Other terpenes include ocimene, eucalyptol, terpinene, terpinolene, caryophyllene, humulene, and nerolidol.

Flavors/Aroma: Coffee, chocolate, and vanilla – this is what you can expect from Chocolope. It has a sweet yet pungent and earthy aroma with hints of coffee and chocolate. Discreet Chocolope Strain For Sale Online, Upon inhalation, you’ll get a fruity taste that resembles Cannalope Haze. But upon exhalation, you’ll get to enjoy a mix of chocolate and coffee taste.

Effects: A Sativa-dominant strain, you can expect some strong euphoric effects from Chocolope. When you inhale a deep lungful of its smooth smoke, you’ll immediately feel a head buzz followed by some psychoactive effects. Unlike other strains though, your body won’t feel so heavy and lethargic. Where to buy Chocolope Strain Online, Instead, you’ll feel energized and invigorated with a very clear and focused mind. You will also feel an immediate improvement in your mood. It will leave you feeling happier, more uplifted, and more relaxed.

Medical Conditions: Chocolope is perfect for daytime use. It gives you the extra boost you need to face the day’s challenges by improving your energy level and stabilizing your mood. Legal Chocolope Strain For Sale Online, It also promotes mental clarity and helps improve your focus, concentration, creativity, and productivity. Patients with stress and anxiety disorder may benefit from this strain, so will people with depression, ADD/ADHD, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Chocolope can also reduce pain and inflammation, making it a good choice for those who have arthritis, chronic pain, muscle spasms, fibromyalgia, headaches, and even migraines. The analgesic effects of Chocolope can keep pain at bay and allow them to function relatively pain-free. How to buy Chocolope Strain Online, People who complain of nausea, loss of appetite, and vomiting will also benefit from this strain. Marijuana is a known appetite stimulant and has antiemetic properties. It can help cancer patients who are dealing with chemotherapy side effects. It can also help relieve symptoms of gastrointestinal problems.

Side Effects: The development of dry mouth and dry eyes symptoms is very common in marijuana use. But if these side effects are too uncomfortable for you, you can always decrease your intake. Drinking lots of fluids may also help.

Other side effects associated with Chocolope use include increased anxiety and paranoia as well as dizziness. All these side effects will disappear as its effects fade away. Just remember to keep calm and don’t panic.

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  1. Patrick Evans

    Chocolope is like my morning coffee, wonderful for morning and day time. It’ll perk you right up and keep you happy for hours. It’s more of a mental clarity high, zero head fog, but you are just incredibly happy, more of an upper than a high really, perfect in places or situations where you’d need focus. You have to find the right kind of person to like this strain, but so far I’m a fan. And Green Tree Buds is the best they keep to their words.

    Patrick Evans

  2. James Hull

    Chocolope is a great sativia. I have Charcot-Marie-Tooth and PTSD. I am also a teacher with a shit-ton of stress. Using an e-nano I’ve vaped Chocolope (choco) and I’ve also used the roll-uh-bowl to ignite. They are two different effects, both are good. Vape: Taste: Chocolate Coffee, dipped in the woods. – It’s pretty darn good. I have no complains here. High: It is definitely a euphoric high that hits quick an… Thanks for your patience with me lol was a hustle but i finally got it

    James Hull

  3. Josh King

    Chocolope is one of my favorite strains. I think it’s a great morning smoke! It will start your day off right. I’ve smoked and vaporized this strain and they equally will give you a high that’s strong but still very functional. I would recommend this strain to anyone who enjoys a sativa high. If you like indicas, this strain is not for you. hahaha. I will a always order from here, they”re cool trust me

    Josh King

  4. Leonardo Lima

    I keep forgetting how good this strain is, especially around 11:00am…a good late morning weed. Definitely feel like I don’t need any more coffee. You are very wide awake, and in a great mood. Not at all spacey. You can do anything you need to do (don’t drive) as far as necessary chores around the house. They don’t seem like such a pain in the ass with the help of Chocolope. This is an excellent social interactio.
    Thanks for not disappointing me, though i was skeptical about paying before getting the buds

    Leonardo Lima

  5. Jonathan Grey

    Very uplifting, head high.

    Jonathan Grey

  6. Jessica Hull

    The buzz itself doesn’t last for super long, but it leaves you with a feeling of optimism, happiness, and motivation that lasts for a really long time afterwards (at least three hours AFTER the buzz dies down). It’s the most clear-headed high I’ve ever had, and by far the best motivator strain if I ever need to get anything done. If you want a strain that helps you actually accomplish things this is the way to go.
    Thanks very much Green Tree Buds

    Jessica Hull

  7. Jason Hayed

    My absolute go to Sativa strains demn. When i came to this website, i checked and i have had almost everything except some few but i decided to try this one which is perfect in the morning as it gives off loads of energy and positivity which gets me through these long Canadian winters, lol. Best part is that you don’t eat everything in the house..Appetite doesn’t change and this strain makes me get creative with what i do eat. All around killer daytime high. Will always buy Chocolope. Thanks Green Tree you guys are doing a great job

    Jason Hayed

  8. Jack Taylor

    This is the only time I’ve tried Chocolope but I have to say I’m very happy with it. This is a sativa dominant hybrid and, the nugs are light green and absolutely covered in orange hairs. The trichomes are easily visible and it is incredibly sticky. Honestly, the smell is hard to describe, and differs a bit once the bud is ground up. On inhale the smoke has a mostly earthy taste, while on the exhale you get a hint of it, well done guys appreciate

    Jack Taylor