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I was happy to see Durban Poison, a personal favorite, make the list of the three most popular strains among Coloradans in 2015, according to commercial marijuana data firm BDS Analytics. Last week, I offered a field guide to the top-ranked strain, Blue Dream; this time, Durban Poison gets the star durban poison online

The classic sativa hails from southern Africa as a landrace strain, meaning its original genetics were pure and free of anything indica. After being smuggled out of Africa in the ’70s, Durban Poison gained popularity in Amsterdam because of its heavy smell and short flowering period, and it didn’t take long for word to cross the Atlantic. Today, Durban Poison makes a legitimate argument for a spot on the Mount Rushmore of strains, having fathered popular children such as Cherry Pie, Girl Scout Cookies and many more with strong sativa effects. As cool as the thought of 100 percent sativa sounds to pot purists, many Durban Poison cuts currently available don’t have the same stalwart genetics that were keistered out of Africa. Still, despite the dilution of time, most Durban Poison phenotypes share the same timeless qualities that make it an easy strain to detect. Here’s what to watch for. buy durban poison online

Looks: Nugs are relatively large and chunky and feature a dark, forest-green color. Calyxes should have heavy trichome coverage that is sticky to the touch, with a limited amount of pistils. buy durban poison online

Smell: Pungent, citrus-cleaner aroma and a smooth, earthy finish.

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