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The Coronavirus Pandemic, Cannabis Partnerships Continue To Strengthen In Missouri 2

With the coronavirus pandemic’s effect on the cannabis industry and market, many are wondering what is happening in the states where these things are just emerging.  While launching a cannabis business is always a rocky road with many hurdles to overcome, doing so during the midst of a global pandemic brings even more challenges to the table. cannabis dispensary near me

However, things are progressing and ties are continuing to emerge and strengthen in the state of Missouri, where medical marijuana was legalized in November of 2019.  Two companies who are a prime example of this progression are Clovr and Wana Brands, who recently announced a partnership that will bring one of the leading cannabis-infused gummie products to medical marijuana dispensaries in Missouri when that state begins serving patients later this year. cannabis dispensary near me

More than 45,000 patients have already been registered and approved for Missouri’s medicinal program since it came online. The 192 newly licensed dispensaries are expected to begin sales statewide in the coming months. There was potential for adult-use to be included on Missouri’s November ballot, but the the campaign has been suspended due to the pandemic.

Clovr’s CEO Josh Mitchem said, “Working through a crisis, the likes of which our world hasn’t seen for over a century, comes with its challenges, but it also comes with opportunities. Fortunately, the Mayor of Kansas City saw the importance of getting medical cannabis facilities up and running to serve the thousands of patients in pain and in need of our form of medicine. Being on the exclusion list for the “shelter in place” order has helped us accelerate our buildout process due to more access to the incredible construction contractors around our great city. I stay in touch with license winners across the state on a daily basis, and the overall mood is positive. Projects are moving forward across the state, and patients should be able to access cannabis products by the last quarter of this year.”

Bethany White is the Head of Marketing for Clovr and explained that the company, who has been awarded 2 manufacturing licenses in Missouri, is working to bring high quality brands to the state. “We want to provide patients with as many consumption methods as possible and are working hard to solidify contracts with industry partners.”

Being a Missouri native, I am following this market and industry very closely and am incredibly hopeful for the future successes that legalized cannabis will bring to the state.

James Washington.


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